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Septamber - Apricot, Black Tea, Oakwood, Maple, Honeyed Amber

Septamber - Apricot, Black Tea, Oakwood, Maple, Honeyed Amber

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Septamber, a portmanteau of September and Amber, is a perfume designed for lovers of the Fall and Winter seasons. The month September marks the start of Fall for those living in the northern hemisphere. For those living in the southern hemisphere, Fall begins in March, but for naming purposes, we thought Septamber had a better flow than Marchamber :-)

Septamber opens with a bright blend of Apricot, Black Tea, and shimmering Tunisian Neroli, fragrantly emulating the last few glimmers of the Summer sunshine as Fall emerges. As Fall progresses, the days shorten and the temperature drops, portrayed in Septamber by dark Turkish Rose and Oakwood. As Winter appears, you're greeted by warm notes of Maple, Immortelle, Benzoin, and 

Honeyed Amber, and whispers of Hay, Cabernet, Tobacco, and soft Leather throughout.

A new olfactory memory awaits...

Fun Facts: The most expensive ingredient in this formula, 

though not the most dominant, is the Tunisian Neroli at $8.10 per gram. The majority of the featured notes in this formula are actually the result of a combination of other ingredients in the formula..."intentional accidents," if you will ;-)

Featured Notes: Apricot, Black Tea, Tunisian Neroli, Turkish Rose, Cabernet, Cognac, Oakwood, Honeyed Amber, Labdanum, Vanilla, Maple, Immortelle, Tobacco, Benzoin, Hay, and Leather.

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Volume: 50ml 

℮ 1.7 fl. oz. or 2ml 

℮ 0.0676 fl. oz. (spray sample) options

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