Q: Are your perfumes vegan (free of products directly or indirectly derived from animals)?
A: At this time, our perfumes are 100% vegan. Any reference to materials (e.g. Musk) that are traditionally products directly or indirectly derived from animals are synthetic representations of their natural counterparts.

Q: Are your perfumes tested on animals?
A: Our perfumes have not and will never be tested on animals. All of our perfumes are only tested on Daniel‚Äôs (human) skin ūüėČ

Q: I am searching for a fragrance that is not listed on your website that I want to purchase. Has the fragrance been discontinued?
A: It is likely that the fragrance was vaulted either due to ingredient unavailability or at Daniel’s sole discretion, normally to make room for a new fragrance. Unfortunately, the most likely case is that there is no more juice to be had, but feel free to email us (maestro@gallagherfragrances.com) to see if we might have some available that may be hiding in the vault.

Q: Do you provide free samples?
A: We do not provide free samples outright, but our individual samples are reasonably-priced, and we also have a 2ml Sample Set, which includes all currently-offered fragrances at a discounted price.

Q: I have sent you emails/messages requesting samples and/or asking to collaborate, but never received a reply.
A: We receive multiple daily requests via email or social media messaging for free samples and/or to collaborate, but we can no longer facilitate responding to every request. Please see the answer to the previous question, above.

Q: Do you have any on-going promotions/discounts?
A: Please check our Facebook page and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news, heads up on new releases, and any on-going promotions/discounts.

Q: How much will international shipping be to [location]?
A: We offer free domestic shipping within the USA and US territories regardless of order value. For International orders we offer free shipping worldwide for orders valued at/above $100 USD. International orders below $100 USD are subject to a small shipping fee. There is an automated postage calculator on the checkout page that will calculate your postage cost based on your mailing address and the items you’ve placed in your cart as well as your desired shipping speed. Please note that we do not pay any import taxes or duties that may be imposed by your country. If you have any further questions on international shipping, please contact us at maestro@gallagherfragrances.com

Q: Are your perfumes available in [name a country]?
A: Please check our Stockists page, to see where our perfumes are available to sample in-person. If the country you are looking for is not listed, then our website is going to be the only source available to purchase samples to try.

Q: Where is my package?


- International shipping (First Class and Priority), have been taking 8+ weeks to arrive. We do not know why international shipping is taking so long and we are unable to expedite the process. USPS is still advertising Priority International packages taking 6-10 business days to deliver, but in reality, customers are waiting 8+ weeks in rare cases. The vast majority of International orders arrive within 4 weeks. In the event that your tracking information has not been updated for 30 days, please contact us at maestro@gallagherfragrances.com.


 - Domestic shipping has also seen a degradation since the start of the Pandemic, with Priority packages sometimes taking 2+ weeks to arrive. Fortunately, the vast majority of domestic packages are still arriving within 1 week of shipping, regardless of whether the package was shipped Ground Advantage or Priority. 

Q: My package is marked as delivered, but I haven't received it yet. Is my package lost?
A: Sometimes packages are scanned incorrectly as "delivered" or they may be delivered to a neighboring address. In these cases, we kindly ask that customers wait a few more business days to see if the package turns up. If you still have not received the package in 5 business days from the date that the package was marked "delivered" please let us know by sending an email to maestro@gallagherfragrances.com so we may correct this issue.

Q: I sent a DM on Instagram or Facebook but have not received a response.

A: As we have not outsourced management of our social media accounts, we do not always have time to keep up with social media platforms (perfume comes first ūü§ď). The best way to reach us for the fastest response is by email to¬†maestro@gallagherfragrances.com. Please be aware if your inquiry is regarding marketing or collaboration solicitations we may not respond due to the large volume of solicitations we receive. Thank you for understanding.


We aim to have the best possible customer service in the industry. We do not outsource any customer service, so every issue is handled directly by the brand owners. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at maestro@gallagherfragrances.com for any inquiry or customer service matter. We will respond as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours or less.

Last updated: Jan 10, 2024