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Choosing the perfect name for a product can be a creative endeavor, and it holds the power to captivate consumers and evoke emotions. When it comes to the perfume industry, the name of a fragrance plays a crucial role in conveying its essence. In the case of Tonkazure, the name was carefully crafted to reflect the raw materials used, aesthetics, and key notes that define its unique character.

Tonka Beans
Tonka Beans

Tonkazure derives its name from a delightful blend of two distinct elements: the exquisite raw material known as Tonka Bean and the captivating beauty of the color azure. Tonka Beans are seeds that come from Dipteryx odorata, or Brazilian Teak tree. The Tree is native to Northern South America. Tonka Beans contain an aromatic organic chemical compound called coumarin. It is coumarin that gives the Tonka Bean its pleasant sweet aroma, rich and captivating, adding depth and warmth to many fragrances over the last several decades. The choice to include Tonka Bean Absolute (CAS# 8046-22-8) in our perfume emphasizes the sophistication and allure that this raw material turned perfume ingredient brings to the composition.

The color azure, often associated with calmness and tranquility, inspired the choice of a blue marble-like cap. By incorporating this color, we aimed to visually represent the serenity and elegance that the fragrance encapsulates. The azure blue cap stands as a visual testament to the essence of the perfume, enticing with its soothing aesthetic

Tonkazure in Blueberry Compote
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Tonkazure boasts a captivating featured note of "blueberry compote." This choice further deepens the connection to the azure theme and adds a delectable twist to the fragrance profile. The infusion of blueberry compote creates a delicious and irresistible facet to the composition, evoking a sense of indulgence and delight. Through its name, design, and perfume notes, Tonkazure promises a sensorial experience that captures the essence of elegance, tranquility, and delectable indulgence.

Available in 2ml spray sample or 60ml full-size bottle.

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An absolute favorite of mine. A new classic. Full of life and colors 💙💙💙💙💙

Simon Noel

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