O'Fraiche 5.0 - Limited Edition - 5x More Smoke

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Heading into Spring 2020, I wanted to put out a limited release of something. I wasn't quite sure what, but I had been dabbling with my formula of O'Fraiche (don't worry, no reformulations), and was a little heavy-handed with the Birch Tar with one of the experiments. Maybe it's just me, but I really dig the complexity of Birch Tar. Fear not, this is still wearable year-round.

This limited release contains more than 5x the smoke that the core O'Fraiche release contains, so I'm calling this O'Fraiche 5.0.

O'Fraiche 5.0, a play on words, paying homage to numerous perfumes named "Eau Fraiche," boasts a bold Eau de Parfum concentration, and brings a glimmer of hope with a breath of fresh air to the crowded world of perfumery.

What started with the goal of creating a wearable tobacco fragrance fit for Spring and Summer, turned into a unique melange of green, earthy freshness, opening with a brief blast of Italian Bergamot that captures the senses. Blackcurrant, Concord Grapes, Orange Blossom, Dried Tobacco Leaves, Tomato Leaves, and smoky Birch Tar form the heart, with Blackcurrant and Dried Tobacco Leaves dominating. Together with sparkling Haitian Vetiver, righteous Patchouli, and clean Musk, the true lifeblood of O'Fraiche is thanks to a heap of opulent Orris Butter, buttery Australian Sandalwood, and minerally Ambergris in the base, with waves of tasteful smokiness from start to finish. O'Fraiche will surely have you feeling regal and sophisticated while standing out in a crowd.

Notes: Italian Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Concord Grapes, Orange Blossom, Rectified Birch Tar, Dried Tobacco Leaves, Tomato Leaves, Australian Sandalwood, Orris Butter from France, Double Distilled Haitian Vetiver, Indonesian Patchouli, Musk, New Zealand Ambergris.

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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*O'Fraiche does not contain any Cannabis or components derived from Cannabis.