Q: Are your perfumes tested on animals?
A: Our perfumes have not and will never be tested on animals. All of our perfumes are only tested on Daniel’s (human) skin 😉

Q: I received a sample of a fragrance that is no longer listed on your website that I want to purchase. Has the fragrance been discontinued?
A: It is likely that the fragrance was vaulted either due to ingredient unavailability or at Daniel’s sole discretion, normally to make room for a new fragrance.

Q: Do you provide free samples?
A: We do not provide free samples outright, but our individual samples are reasonably-priced, and we also have a 2ml Discovery Set, which includes all currently-offered fragrances at a discounted price.

Q: I have sent you emails/messages requesting samples and/or asking to collaborate, but never received a reply.
A: We receive near-daily requests via email or social media messaging for free samples and/or to collaborate, but we can no longer facilitate responding to every request. Please see the answer to the previous question, above.

Q: Do you have any on-going promotions/discounts?
A: Please check our Facebook page (click here) and Instagram (click here) to see if there are any active promotions/discounts.

Q: How much will international shipping be to [location]?
A: There is an automated postage calculator on the checkout page that will calculate your postage cost based on your mailing address and the items you’ve placed in your cart.

Q: Why does your international shipping fee seem expensive?
A: To put it simply, because it is based on weight and dimensions of the packages. Our 100ml bottles, along with the bottle box and other packing material, weigh approximately 3 lbs (1.36078 kg) for a 1-bottle order, a 2-bottle order weighs approximately 5 lbs (2.26796 kg), and so on.

Q: Are your perfumes available in [name a country]?
A: Please check our Stockists page, located here, to see where our perfumes are available to sample in-person. If the country you are looking for is not listed, then our website is going to be the only source available to purchase samples.

Last updated: 5 May 2019